After arriving at our hotel,
please take off and put your shoes into  any shoes box,
and come to the front desk with the key.

*Please also come to the front desk when you will check-out.

2F~4F Womens floor

2F The room with TV. 20 capsule
   The room without TV. 12 capsule

3F The room without TV. 33 capsule

4F The room without TV. 36 capsule

5F Womens floor(Event floor)

The room without TV. 29 capsule

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B1F Lounge floor

Automatic vending machines,microwave oven,there is an electric kettle
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1F  Shower Booth/Pawder Booth

Shower Room  10 rooms
Wash booth ・Powder booth 10 places
Launderette Two
Pay clothes dryer Two