for your luggage please put into a locker.
You can put your laggege into the closet (which is beside in the locker). also we will take your laggege in the front for you.
Shoes, to enter the locker


Room wear

Inside the locker there is a room wear and the towers in the bag which you can use during your stay.



During your stay please use your card key.


Check out

For check out ,just put your room card into the collection box.


Placed in 1F
It will be charged

Hotel Amenities

For men (It is next to the shoebox)
- Body towel
- Toothbrush
- Hairbrush
- Shave
- Swab

For women (it has entered into in the soft back.)
- Body towel
- Toothbrush
- Hairbrush
- Cotton set (two cotton & swab)


Other facilities

Powder room ( only for the Ladies floor)
Air Conditioning
Ashtray ( Only in the smoking room)
Hair Dryer
Toilet with bidet