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Q. Is it possible to make a group reservation?
A. We don’t accept group reservations.
Q. Can I make a reservation using a company name?
A. Yes, you can. But, we also need individual name when you make a reservation.
Q. Is it possible for a person under 18 to stay in the hotel?
A. 12 and under is not permitted even with parents.
  13 and above can stay but need a signed agreement.
Q. Is it possible to make a walk-in reservation during the day?
A. Yes, only available after 4:00PM.
Q. Can you hold luggage before check in or after check out?
A. Yes. Feel free to ask the front desk.
Q. What is cancellation policy?
A. If you make an external booking please contact the company to cancel.

  20%: 7days~2days before
  50%: 1day before
  80%: Same day
  100%: No Show

Check in

Q. What time is check in?
A. After 4:00PM.
Q. How can I pay?
A. Please use the automatic machine which take cash and credit card.
 We provide a receipt with company name.
Q. Can I go out after check in?
A. Yes. Please take your card key with you. After 2AM, use your card key to open the door.


Q. Can I use the internet?
A. Yes. We provide free WIFI. Please ask the front desk for access ID and password.
Q. Are there separated floors for men and women?
A. Yes. Men are 2nd and 3rd floor. Women are 4th floor. The number of units for men is 156. 72 are for women.
Q. Can I smoke?
A. Only in the smoking room on the 3rd and 4th floor.
Q. Where can I eat?
A. You can eat and drink at the lounge. We provide vending machines and hot water.
  Please don’t eat anywhere else in the hotel. There is also Convenience store on the 1st floor.
Q. If I am staying more than one day, do I have to leave at check out time?
A. We are sorry but Yes. 10:00~16:00 is cleaning time. You can leave luggage in the locker.
Q. Is there bath?
A. We don’t have bath. There are shower rooms on the 3rd and the 4th floor.
Q. Is there laundromat?
A. Yes. We have it on the 3rd and the 4th floor. 
It is called a "launderette" in Japanese.
Q. What amenity do you have?
A. We provide sleepwear, towels, and tooth-brush, comb, razor, cotton-swab and hair dryers.
Q. Is there a power outlet in the unit room?
A. Yes, in the unit and the lounge. But limited to 100w.
Q. Is there any dry-cleaning service?
A. No, we don’t have.

Check out

Q. What time is check out?
A. Usually the check out time is before 10am.
Q. Please tell me how to check out?
A. Please return the card key at 3F front desk.
Q. Can you hold luggage after check out?
A. Yes, if you are going to pick up the luggage within the day.
Q. Is there delivery service?
A. No, we don’t have.
Q. Can I extend my stay?
A. Just ask the front desk.