Unit introduction


119Units for Mens.
56 units for womens.
There is top bunk and down bunk/
When you arrived,please come to the front to check in. For payment please use the payment machine.


Unit with TV

37 units for men, 16 units for women with TV.
There is an upper unit and a lower unit 2.0㎡ wide.
The TV has a monitor arm. Earphones are provided.
Or you can use your own


USB Ports

All units have an USB port and a power plug next to the pillow.
※USB port can be used to charge a Smartphone but may not have enough power for a tablet.


At Tokyo Ginza Bay Hotel,WI-FI(wireless LAN)facilities are available in all areas. Please ask the passward in the front desk.
Free of charge.

Alarm Clock

Near the pillow there is an alarm clock which you can set it by yourselves.

※Each unit can not be locked.

Each unit can not be locked because it forbidesn by the low. Please keep your belongings by your selves.

※Eating and drinking are prohibited in the unit.

Eating and drinking are prohibited in the unit.
Please use the lounge.
Thank you for your corporation.