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Please put into your luggage to your locker.
The locker number is same as your room number.
If the luggage is too big to the locker, we will keep it in the front desk.


Room wear

Inside the locker there is a room wear and the towers in the bag which you can use during your stay.



Each floor has security lock door.
Please carry the wrist band with you all time.


Check-in / Check-out

Please come to front desk.
We will give you hotel information with a wrist band.
After check-in, please touch the wrist band to payment machine to pay your bill.
Please return the wrist band to front desk while check-out (10am or 11am)

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Lounge is B1F and 1F, for men and women.
In the lounge there is a USB port.
Vending machine, microwave oven and hot water pot are available in lounge.


Free WI-FI

At our hotel, Free WI-FI (wireless LAN) facility is available in all floors.
Please ask the password in the front desk.

Microwave oven, Hot water pot

Free to use at the lounge.


Placed in each floor.
It will be charged.

Hotel amenities image for Tokyo Ginza BAY HOTEL

Hotel Amenities

For men (It is next to the shoebox)
- Body towel
- Toothbrush
- Hairbrush
- Shave
- Swab

For women (it has entered into in the soft back.)
- Body towel
- Toothbrush
- Hairbrush
- Cotton set (two cotton & swab)

※Image will be Tokyo Ginza BAY HOTEL.
※Nihonbashimuromachi BAY HOTEL is, we offer one set in a mesh back.

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Shower room

Shampoo, Conditioner, Body soap, Body towel, Face soap
Bath towel, Face towel, Cotton swab and Hair drier are available.
No charge.


Other facilities

Centrally Air Conditioned
Smoking room (1F)

Toilet with bidet