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We provide 1 locker for 1 guest. Please keep your belongings in it. It has a key to lock.
If you have a big luggage which doesn’t fit to your locker, please ask hotel to keep it at the reception.

We provide a pair of slippers for your convenience, and please keep your shoes in a locker.

Photographs were taken at TOKYO GINZA BAY HOTEL.


Cloths/a room wear/a pajama

We provide a set of room wear in Japanese style called as “SAMUE” for your comfort.



The doors on each floor are under strict security management.
We ask to all guests to bring a key card with you all the time after checking in till checking out.

A Photograph was taken at TOKYO GINZA BAY HOTEL.


Check-out: A simple process to go

Just return a key-set (a card key for security system and a metal key for your locker) to the reception when you check out in morning.

Lounge rooms

2nd floor: For every guests
7th floor: For ladies only

8th floor: For ladies only

There are some electricity plugs with USB charger at every lounge.
you would like to work on your PC, please use a lounge room.



FREE WIFI is available in our hotel.
Please get ID and password at the reception.

Hot water server and a microwave oven

Those are available in every lounge at our hotel.

Washer and dryer

Available on 3rd , 5th and 7th floor.
Please insert a coin/money when you use by yourself.
We don’t have any laundry service.



For men

 ・Tooth brush and paste
 ・Compact hair brush
 ・Cotton swab

For ladies

 ・Tooth brush and paste
 ・Compact hair brush
 ・Cotton puff and swab

A Photograph was taken at TOKYO GINZA BAY HOTEL.



Shower booth

Shower booth are settled on each floor.

A Photograph was taken at TOKYO GINZA BAY HOTEL.



An electricity plug with USB charger in every unit.
Powder room with wash basin (only for ladies use)
Air-conditioning by central control.

Smoking room on 2nd floor.
Hair dryer
Toilet-unit with heating and shower function
Tissue papers