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Q. Do you accept a reservation for a big group tour?
A. We are afraid that we could not accept a reservation for a big group tour. It is because we don’t have enough space at lobby/lounge area.
Q. Is the reservation by company name available?
A. Yes, it is.
  At the same time, we ask a name of person who lodge in.
Q. Can minor lodge in?
A. We cannot accept any guests who are under 13yo even though come up with parents or any guardian.
  For a guest age between 13yo to 19yo,
  we ask them to submit “a letter of consent provided by parents/guardians”

Q. Can I reserve for daytime use?
A.  No, you cannot. Daytime during 10:00 to 16:00 is “cleaning up time” for the entire spaces of the hotel.
  We request to all guests to be out from the hotel.
Q. Can you keep my luggage before checking in and/or after checking out?
A. Yes, you can. Please feel free to ask at the reception.
Q. I want to send my luggage to hotel, can you receive it for me?
A. Please send your luggage to the following address:-
  Attention to “your full name” on “the day of checking in”
  Tokyo Nihonbashi BAY HOTEL
  8-13, 3-chome, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
  〒103-0027   TEL 03-3548-3030
  ※We cannot handle/accept any fresh/frozen/cool/illegal package.
  ※We cannot accept package of “Pay on delivery”.
Q. Is there any cancelation fee system at your hotel?
A. Yes, there is. Please refer followings:-
   Cancellation notice: 7days – 2days before: 20% of the price
   Cancellation notice: on the day before: 50% of the price
   Cancellation notice: on the day of checking in: 80% of the price
   Cancellation without notice : 100% of the price
  *Guests who made reservation via 3rd party accommodation booking site:
  Please make a cancellation process with following their guidance.

Check in 

Q. When checking in time start?
A. Checking-in time starts from 16:00 sharp. No early check-in is available.
Q. How’s the payment?
A. Payment to be required after check-in.
  There are several machine to do it by yourself.
  Both cash and credit cards are acceptable.
  We can issue a receipt (hand-written) attention to the company name.
Q. Can I go outside after check-in?
A. Yes, you can. We ask to all guests to bring a key with them. The main entrance will be locked after 2am.
  When you come back to the hotel after 2am, you can unlock it with swiping a key-card on the electrical lock panel near the door.

Inside of the hotel

Q. Is an internet connection available in your hotel?
A. Yes, it is. We offer FREE Wi-Fi.
  The receptionist will give you the access point ID and password when you come.
Q. Do you separate floors for men and for ladies?
A. Yes, we do. We separate a usage of floors by gender as follows:-
  For men: 3rd to 5th floor.
  For ladies: 6th to 8th floor.
  We have female staff.
  Please be noted, in case of emergency, male staffs might come into this floor.

Q. it is possible to smoke?
A. There is a smoking room in the second floor.
Q. Is it possible to eat in the hotel?
A. You can use the lounges for eating,drinking,talking and so on.
Q. If I am staying more than one day, do I have to leave at check out time?
A. We're afraid that you should leave the hotel before 10am as we have to clean the room during 10am to 4pm.
    The locker is available while you are out and it is possible to keep your big baggage in our store room. 
Q. Is there bath?
A. Sorry,we only have shower which is located in each floor.
Q. Do you have a coin-operated laundry?
A. There are located in 3F/5F/7F.
Q. What hotel amenities do you offer?
A. We offer sleep cothes, bath towel, face towel, body towel, tooth bruth, comb, swab and so on.
Q. Is there a power outlet in the unit room?
A. Yes, in the unit and the lounge. But limited to 100V.
Q. Is there any dry-cleaning service?
A. No, we don’t have.

Check out

Q. What time is check out?
A.Usually the check out time is before 10am.
Q. Could you tell me how to check out?
A. As you have finished the payment, what you need to do is go to the front desk to return the room card and locker key.
Q. Is it possible to keep my luggage in your hotel after check out?
A. Sure, We can keep it for you until 4:00pm.
Q. Is the delivery service available?
A. we are sorry for that we could not offer such service at the moment.
Q. Is it possible to stay for one another or more nights without a reservation in advance?
A. We are glad to make a new reservation for you if the room is available.
   Don't be hesitate to let us know if it is needed.