“Capsule UNIT”

Units: a space for sleeping

For men only: 90 units. For ladies only: 78 units.
2 storied. 2 square meter for each unit.

Please select a unit with/without TV-set when making reservation.


Facilities in your unit

A plug with USB

An electricity plug with USB charger is on the wall near your pillow.


Free WIFI is available in our hotel.
You can get ID and password at the reception.

An alarm clock

An alarm clock is on the wall in your unit near your pillow.


Ready to sleep settings with a bed mat, a sheet, a blanket and a pillow.

Important notification for use.

No lock for each unit

As our hotel is designated as a COMMON LODGING HOUSE, there is no key for each unit, this is based on Japanese law.
Please manage yourself for keeping your valuable belongings.

Eating and drinking is not allowed inside a unit.

Please do not eat and drink in a unit.
We ask to all guests to use our lounge room for these purpose.
Thank you for your understanding.